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The Eastern (Windward) Side of Kenutu Island, Vava'u
The Eastern (Windward) Side of Kenutu Island, Vava'u
Tema Coming Over For Lunch
Tema Looks Right at Home Driving
Lunch on the Boat with Tema
Lori, Mike, and the Aquarium Cafe Staff
The Aquarium Cafe - Our 'Home Away From Home'
Greg at the Tropicana Cafe
In the Anchorage at Ha'ano Island, Ha'apai Group
Looking North on Ha'ano Island, Ha'apai Group
We Never Did See the Pig - Pangai, Ha'apai Islands
A Deserted Beach on Tofanga Island
Taking a Break Walking Around Tofanga Island
The Only Residents on Tofanga Island
Small Island in the Ha'apai Group
Sunset over the Palm Trees, Ha'afeva Island
Sunset Over the Volcanos, Ha'apai Islands
Sunset Over Ha'apai Islands
At Lucy's House, Ha'afeva Island
Larry and the Kids, Ha'afeva Island, Ha'apai Group
With Afa, Kalapi and their Family, Ha'afeva Island