> Christmas and New Years Eve in La Paz

La Paz
La Paz
La Paz
Fine Mexican Cuisine
Merry Christmas!
The Local Shopping Mall
Christina, Kim, and Pam Going Shopping
A Guest on the Dock
So Much for the Scary Owl
Magenta and PamDemonium at Fidepaz Marina
Dennis on a Dropped-Part Recovery Mission
A Local Bottled Water Delivery Service
The Water Tanks are Full Again!
Pam Saving the Drowning Plastic Owl
The Owl has Been Resued!
The La Paz Waterfront
Looking Out to Sea
Mermaid and Dolphin
Christmas Dinner - Julius, Margaret, Dennis, Pam
Christmas Dinner - Evan, Ken, Christina, Pat
Magenta at Fidepaz Marina
Another Curious Visitor
Our Daily Companion
Where We Are