> Offshore to Marquesas

A Sunrise By Mexico
We Had Lots of Dolphins During The Passage
Offshore Mexico - No Wind
Sunset (There Was a Green Flash With This One)
Offshore Mexico - A Bit Eerie With No Wind
Another Hitchhiker
These Guys Bent Our Wind Indicator
May Be a Storm Coming
Fine Dining Quisine
The Windvane (Harvie) Steering the Boat
Helping With The Sails
Our Curious Visitor
Checking Each Other Out
A Booby Bird On Our Dodger (Note the Web Feet)
Another Squall Coming
An Approaching Squall
There's a Rainbow in This Squall
We have Crossed the Equator!
We're in the Southern Hemisphere
Two Pirates at the Equator
A Toast to King Neptune at the Equator
Setting Free Balloons at the Equator
Our Onboard Sleeping Arrangement
Magenta Making Good Speed