> Raiatea

A Chart Showing the Reef Around Raiatea and Tahaa
Our Guide James Ready to Go Up the River
Along the Riverbank
Tropical Plants
Up the River
James Cutting Down Some Green Drinking Coconuts
This Plant is Called The Cat's Whiskers
In the Botannical Gardens
With James After the River Plantation Tour
Another Small Island Inside the Reef
The Mountains of Raiatea
Underway With our Cargo of Bananas
Tabu Island in the Morning Through the Porthole
A Deserted Beach on Tabu Island
Another View of the Beach at Tabu Island
Mt. Tapioi Behind Uturoa
The Ultimate Deserted Island
With our New Friend Maeva at The Tehoa Yacht Club
Anchored at Isle Nao Nao (Tabu Island)