> Regatta Vava'u and Festival

The Regatta Vava'u Registration Desk
With Mark and Yuki During the Pub Crawl
New Zealand Marina Information Session
Pub-Crawl Costumes
The Official Tridecagon-athlon Events List
Kim's Team in Giants, Wizards, and Elves
Kim's Team in the Multi-Legged Event
Getting Ready for the Events
Kim's Team Celebrates a Victory
Carry the Teammate Race
The Pie-Eating Contest Winner
Dancing in the Moonlight Party
s/v Braveheart Under Spinnaker
A Light Wind Spinnaker Day
The Crew of Magenta During the Race
The Awards Party with Don, Paulie, Adam, Eve
Our Sailing Trophy (With the Man Who Carved It)
Tug of War