> Suwarrow Atoll

Looking South on the Beach to the Lagoon
We Didn't Swim in this Area
James Ready to Lead the Hike on the Reef
Hiking Across the Reef
The Ocean Breaking on the Reef
Sea Urchin
Rare White Coral
An Eel Living on the Reef
A Small Red-Eyed Crab
Whale Island Sea-Bird Sanctuary
A Mother Protecting Her Little Nest
At the Whale Island Sea-Bird Sanctuary
The Main Suwarrow Beach Area
Volleyball on the Beach
Lots of Pot Luck Dinners
John the Park Ranger Singing Blues
Poker Night on the Catamaran Downtime
The First Mate on the Catamaran Downtime
John Giving a Coconut Class
An Early Morning Swim
Relaxing on the Beach
The Girls from Gromit Giving a Dance Lesson
Feeding the Sharks
Feeding The Sharks 2
Black-Tip Sharks Patrol the Anchorage
Park Ranger John Taking us Fishing
We Caught a Big Grouper!
Cleaning the Catch
Laundry Day on Magenta
Suwarrow National Park
Hammocks on the Beach
James and Kim in the Beach Hut
James Adding Magenta's Banner to the Group
With Park Rangers James and John
Coconut Husking Lesson
Tom Neale Lived Here Alone for Ten Years
Tom Neale's Little Home
Magenta at Anchorage Island, Suwarrow