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Isle Mahea
Magenta Anchored Outside Patio Village
Love Here Pearl Farm?
The Pearl Farm
Sorting the Black Pearls by Grade
Oysters Ready to be Re-Cycled
Oysters Producing the Black Pearls
With Maryse and Her Two Grand-Daughters
Sunset over Bora Bora
A Church on the Shore
Our Baguette Crusts Were Popular
Dinner with Jon and Madeline
The Beach at the Coral Garden
One of Tahaa's Hotel Resorts
The Coral Garden Snorkeling Area
A Great Day of Snorkelling at the Coral Garden
A Beautiful Little Tropical Island
Big Waves Breaking on the Reef
Coming Ashore in Baie Pueheru
Anchored in Baie Pueheru
The Coral Garden Snorkeling Area